I am a Radiotherapist

I am a Radiotherapist. No, I do not fix radios, I am not a radiologist or a nurse, I do not give patient’s bed baths, no it is not super depressing and yes, I do know that all my patient’s are going to die. Want to know a secret? EVERYBODY DIES! Now that I have gotten that off of my chest I feel much better.

Radiotherapy is not a career that just anyone can walk into. It takes a special type of person who is willing to come into someone’s life at their darkest moment.  I have been sworn at, shouted at and publicaly humiliated by patients. And yes I was pissed off about that but I understand that they cannot control what is happening to them.  It must be terrible feeling to be that helpless, knowing that you have to entrust someone else with your health and life.  So I get shouted at, I can handle it, I’m a big girl.

The problem with dealing with negative emotions all day long is that you become almost desensitised to emotion. I know I have.  In order to cope with the pressures of my job I tend to bottle up my emotions and eat away my problems.  Thank goodness for the Husbeast. He has been my emotional punching bag on more than one occasion, when I needed an outlet.  Of course this places a huge amount of stress on our marriage, fortunatly we have survived all of my “moments”, tantrums and random floods of tears.

The best part about my job? The Princess thinks I make superheros. I told her that I work with radiation, radiation=super powers so mommy makes superheros. Yay me!