And then the going got tough

This has been a horrible week.  It started badly and went downhill fast.  It started on monday morning when I had to put fuel in before I did the school run.  Of course we were already running about 5 minutes late by the time we got to the petrol station.  And then we had to wait to be served and only after filling the tank did the petrol attendant remember to tell me that there was a “small problem” with their mobile card machines.  Apparently they were being a bit slow.  Not a problem, we still had time so I happily handed my card over and was prepared to wait a bit.  Unfortunately “a bit” turned into 20 minutes of trying to get any of the machines to work, discovering that the ATM on the premises was being serviced and the card machines inside the shop were also on a go-slow.  Great stuff.  By this time The Princess was being super whiny as she knew she was late, The Tomboy was moaning cause she wanted to get out of her car seat and the petrol station was filled with angry customers waiting to pay for their purchases.  When we managed to settle our bill I was ready to spit nails I was so mad, I still had to drop the girls of and get to work on time and to top it off I had discovered that I had left my cell phone at home.   Unfortunately that seemed to set the tone for the rest of the day.  I was super frustrated and annoyed with myself so it seemed like I couldn’t get ANYTHING right.  My bad day even followed me to pole class where I battled with even the most basic of moves.  And the week just got worse. The Husbeast came down with a rather nasty bug, I dropped my phone (again), lost The Tomboy’s favourite bottle, couldn’t stick any of my moves in pole class, had the worst hair week EVER and to top it off, The Tomboy has now come down with what the GP suspects is the measles. And those were just some of the low lights.  Great stuff.

I was feeling really sorry for myself, feeling like nothing was going my way, everything I did was wrong, nobody likes me… notice a pattern here? I had somehow managed to personalise EVERYTHING.  I wonder how much of my bad week had to do with my bad attitude.  I have been really annoyed with myself so has it affected the way that people interact with me?  I know that your mood influences the way you see the world so it is entirely possible that my negativity towards myself has caused me to experience a whole lot of “bad things” this week.  *Sigh* so I caused a lot of my own problems cause I was expecting to do things wrong and find fault in myself and others.

I would love to say that I had a massive wake up call, that my pity party was derailed by reality slapping me upside the head (that would make this post so much more dramatic!) but no such luck.  I actually got so depressed and annoyed with myself that I started to dislike the negative, horrible person I was turning into.

So I am going to make some coffee, give the Tomboy her meds, put the Frozen DVD on and enjoy the evening with my family.  No negativity, no beating myself up over things I can’t change, just enjoy the moment and restart tomorrow with a fresh attitude.


Making your mark

It has been interesting watching ordinary South African’s react to the National Elections.  Especially the #thumbselfies that popped up on Facebook and Twitter during the course of 7 May 2014.  So much excitement and hope for change.  It was awesome to see so many people celebrate being South African.

Making our mark


I guess this post is aimed at people who did not vote.  The next time we are at a braai and start discussing the future of this awesome, amazing and beautiful country, please keep quiet and go and play with the children.  I do not need to hear your negative opinions seeing as you could not be adult enough to do your civic duty and go and vote.  If you have something to say about the country, then you should have taken the time to go and make your mark.  We were given a whole public holiday to go and vote, you could have taken an hour out of your day and gone down to the voting station.  Instead you have lost the right to comment about the state of the country.  In fact, in my opinion you should not be allowed to support any of our sporting teams either.

I am not blind to the problems in SA, I know that there is crime, corruption and bloody rude people here.  There are just so many good, amazing people that quietly go about their daily business and make this country special.  My ancestors fled Europe many, many moons ago to make a new home here at the Southern most tip of Africa.  They suffered through unspeakable hardships and had to overcome unimaginable horrors (war, persecution, the “Great Trek”, concentration camps), but they stayed and made this their home.  I am not diminishing any of this country’s dark history, too much blood has stained the ground already.  It is time that we acknowledge the past, learn from our mistakes and vow to never repeat them. And build a country that we can all be proud of, not only when our rugby team is doing well.

It doesn’t matter who wins the election, what matters is that more and more ordinary South African’s have stood up and spoke up.  I think it means that we are finally learning that we decide who runs the country, so we get to decide how they run it.