Fixing up our fixer upper

For a “normal” couple, buying a house involves a lot of discussion, online searches, going to open houses, chatting to estate agents etc.  If you are a Jackson, it takes 3 days, 1 show house and 1 online search (it was where we saw the listing for our house).  We spent 15 minutes in our future house before we decided to put an offer on the house.  The offer was accepted the next morning and the rest is history.


Starting to move in

Starting to move in

Moving into a new house is easy, turning your house into a home is the hard part.  When we lived in our flat, every available surface had a picture, statue, painting or knicky-knacky things on.  The walls were painted in warm tones, all the accents were bright reds, dark blues and splashes of pink.   The new place was painted in dark depressing colours, the trees were overgrown which severely limited the natural light coming in and the house seemed dank and cold.  And the master bedroom was a study in fuchsia and brown.   The past 6 months we have spent doing all the major repairs like sorting out the wiring (the taps used to shock you every time you touched them), replacing light bulbs, unblocking drains and fighting with the garden (we have destroyed 3 weed eaters and 3 lawn mowers so far).


The garden won!

The garden won!


Now we are finally starting to turn our house into a home.  The first week we moved in we painted all the walls and cupboard doors in light, bright colours.  Now we have to start decorating and adding personal touches.  It has been a slow process, mainly because the Husbeast and myself have very different tastes in interior decorating.  We have pretty much completed the girl’s bedrooms, it is just a few minor things that need to be completed.

The fuchsia feature wall remains:)

The fuchsia feature wall remains:)

The idea is that we do a little decorating every weekend.  The reality is that I have a lot of ideas and haven’t actually managed to do anything yet.  Hopefully we manage to finish up before Christmas!


Riana’s kitchen nightmares

As I stumbled  walked into my kitchen this morning I stepped into a puddle.  Now in a normal household the puppy would be scolded and the offending puddle would be cleaned up.  In my house the freezer towel gets dragged closer with one foot and the puddle mopped up while making the coffee.   Yep, I have a freezer towel that lives on the floor in the kitchen.


In a nutshell, when we first got married my grandmother gave us her old fridge.  It was positively ancient and most probably caused the hole in the ozone layer.  We promised ourselves that we would replace it soon.  A year later we were given another second-hand fridge/freezer.  Needless to say I was not very impressed as I wanted a shiny new one.  The Husbeast promised me that it was only temporary and that we would replace it soon.  Its been 6 years.  The fridge is constantly frozen, any veggies or liquids in the fridge freeze within days.  The freezer is always defrosting for no reason, hence the freezer towel.  The freezer actually forms so much ice that it pops the door open, defrosting the whole thing.  I can hear that door pop even in my sleep. I once had to cook 7 packs of bacon because the freezer had defrosted while I was at work.  I love bacon:)


Do not even get me started on the stove! When we bought our house we bought the stove as well.  We were promised that it was in prime working condition.  Notice a theme here?  Only the freaken grill works! If you want to use the stove  you have to pre-heat  the plates for at least an hour and then add an hour’s cooking time on as well (for some or other reason the plates do not conduct heat very well).  When did I discover that the oven was not working? On Christmas Eve while I was trying to cook a 3 course meal for my family (all 10 of us).  Great stuff.   Thank goodness for my electric casserole dish, electric wok and slow cooker!  Needless to say we eat a lot of soup, stew and stirfry.  And tuna sandwiches cause I LOVE tuna sandwiches.


Thank goodness no one in this house is a fussy eater! Otherwise they would most probably starve to death waiting for the oven to heat up.

Musical beds

When the Husbeast (TH) and I first got married we had all these ideas about raising children.  One of them was NO CO-SLEEPING.  We used to lie all cozy in our queen sized bed while we discussed and argued about how we were going to raise our hypothetical children.  Fast forward a year and the Princess (TP)was permanently installed in our bed.  Eventually we made a rule that she was only allowed in our bed after 12 at night.  Lets face it, we are both super lazy, once we are in bed it is very hard to get us out!  We had to upgrade to King size, extra length to accommodate both of us, the Princess and her entourage (which often included a variety of soft toys, balls, books, puzzles and even her bicycle once).


Enter the Tomboy (TT).  At this stage we were living in a 2 bedroom flat so the 2 girls had to share a room.  For the first 6 months TT stayed in our room, just till the major night feeds passed.  At least that was the plan.  What actually happened was that I would fetch her from her crib, climb back into bed, start breastfeeding her and then promptly fall asleep, only waking up in the morning when she latched on for her next feed.  And TP would wake up at night and wander into our bed, often sneaking in at the foot end and lying across our feet


So we decided to take the plunge and entered the property market, so each girl could have their own room and hopefully their own bed.  Except it didn’t go that way.  They are still sharing a room and the Tomboy’s room has now become the playroom.  Every night either myself or TH read the girls a story and they fall asleep playing with each other’s hair.  And in the early hours of the morning either myself or TH gets up and goes to lie with them to get one/both of them back to sleep.  The best part is waking up alone in their bed while they are sprawled out all over my bed, squashing TH into the corner of the bed!


I’m never sure where I’m going to wake up in the morning or next to whom (wow that really sounds bad!) Musical beds is annoying, disrupts your sleep patterns and I wouldn’t change it for the world:)