Proudest moment of 2020

2020 was an interesting year. We spent most of the year inside, worried about the pandemic, worried about our financial situation, worried about the economy, worried about our kids, worried about family, worried about our health. There was a lot on anxiety and worry. But somewhere in all that worry and anxiety and stress, I decided that it was time for me to continue my education. So I enrolled in an edX MicroMasters programme. I have no idea what prompted it, maybe it was the months of feeling useless and bored, or it was because I felt stuck and didn’t know what to do. Either way, I enrolled and I passed my first course. It doesn’t sound like much, but I haven’t actually studied in close to 13 years.

Of course, me being me, I completely stressed myself out about every aspect of it but looking back, I had so much fun! Which is why I’m getting all my supplies together, ready to start my next 2 courses on Monday. I’m really proud of myself. I set a goal and I achieved it. I am great at starting new projects but terrible at actually finishing them. Honestly, it was the best thing that happened in 2020, I started something new and scary and I actually completed the first step. I still have quite a few more courses to do but I’m not worried, I know that I can do this