Goals and bucket lists

I’ve never been a good athlete. In fact, I’ve never really been an athlete at all. I struggle with motivation, so the thought of training for an event and then not doing well is something that terrifies me.

Last year I set out to run a half marathon before my 35th birthday . I don’t remember why I decided that I need to run 21km but I wrote it on my to do list. The training didn’t go very well, I struggled with injuries and staying motivated. But I did it, less than 2 weeks before my birthday I completed a 21 km race. I won’t lie and say I enjoyed it. I really didn’t. And I’ve only done 3 more since then so it’s still not my favorite thing in the whole world. But I did it. I set a goal for my self and I achieved it. I haven’t put anything else on my list, instead I’m working on improving my running times and distance. I’m hoping that by removing the set goal that I find it less stressful and it will help me to stay on track.

Favorite songs

My kids hate the fact that I don’t have a favorite song. They don’t understand that I have a favorite color (blue), a favorite season (spring),and even a favorite meal (Mac and cheese) but I don’t have a special song.

I love lots of songs, I just don’t love one more than the rest. I guess it’s because I associate songs with memories and emotions. Some songs make me happy, so I’ll listen to those when I’m in a good mood. I use other songs to get motivated or when I’m depressed, I have songs that make me cry. I wish that I had a favorite song, it would make filling in those “about me” forms so much easier, instead I usually just pick the first song that pops into my head

I’m also a fan of different types of music, from Vivaldi to Green Day. Once again, depends on why I’m listening to music. Do I need to get pumped before a run, am I mad at someone, or do I need to calm down and relax.

Today feels like a podcast day, I don’t want to be alone with my thoughts so I’ll listen to other people talk instead.