What I find beautiful

Beauty is an odd thing. Everyone sees beauty differently. For some people, it’s in the imperfect, for others it’s in the big things. Lately I’ve been looking for beauty in the quiet moments. The moments between the big events, those quiet little pockets where you just breathe.

This weekend I found a beauty filled pocket. The kids were playing in the garden late Sunday afternoon so I made some coffee and just sat and watched them. They played soccer, screaming with laughter as they tripped over each other and rolled on the grass. Their dad came out and joined the game, their laughter filling the air. The shadows crept closer but they didn’t let that stop them, they played and played until the night came.

The beauty isn’t in the dirty feet or shared joy but in the fact that the moment was so short. That perfect combination of golden sunlight, children’s laughter, the creeping shadows, and the perfect cup of coffee will never be replicated again. And it was the most beautiful thing that I’ve ever seen.