I think that we’re going to be OK

Things are slowly getting better. It feels strange typing that, almost like its a betrayal. Like I should still be in morning for the life we had “before Covid” But humans are amazing, we can adjust to pretty much anything and continue on with our new normal. It doesn’t mean that I don’t have bad days, I’m still having sleepless nights and sobbing over the smallest things, but at least I am living my emotions instead of bottling everything up and making myself sick. The one thing that I’ve learnt this past year is that I need to acknowledge my feelings and emotions, even if they are dark and horrible. By acknowledging that there is a problem I can start to work through it. Instead of ignoring how I’m feeling and then having a meltdown, hurting myself and my family in the process.

Am I OK today? No. Will I be OK tomorrow? Most probably not. Will it be OK at some distant point in the future? Most definitely.

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