It started with a dream

It started with a dream, I dreamt of a little girl running through my bedroom. 2 days later I had the results in my hands. I dreamt you into existence.

And then it started.

I read news reports about girls in a country halfway across the world, being abducted and sold into slavery because they prayed to a different god. Their stories filled me with horror. And then rage.

I heard about a politician who was trying to police women’s bodies, telling them that their reproductive rights did not belong to them. I became incandescent with rage. I stormed against the injustice that you might have to face one day.

The suffering of every woman became your suffering.

I will smash the patriarchy for you.

I will burn down city hall.

I will fight every injustice

I will claw my fingers bloody breaking down the walls that they construct to keep you down.

My love for you has no borders, has no end. I loved you from before your first heartbeat and I will love you after the last breath has left my lungs.

I will move continents to keep you safe.

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