This morning I was reminded why quiet is so important. As I type this , I’m sitting outside in the Drakensberg and listening to the quiet while I drink my tea. With only the sounds of the birds and the occasional noisy child as a reminder that civilization isn’t that far away.  As a mom I often forget to put myself into a “time out” and just breathe. Not constantly worry about work, what  my kids are doing, that I’m somehow failing in my quest to balance my work, home, and family.  Lately I’ve dropped a lot of balls in my juggling act.  I have been working super long hours at work and completely neglecting my home and family.  It’s hard when you leave the house before the kids are properly awake and arrive home just in time for bedtime. 

One thing that I have realized the past year is that I cannot be a good mom if I neglect myself.  So this morning I have left the kids in the very capable hands of the Husbeast and am just taking a moment. I went for a run this morning, did my pole dance stretches, and am now sitting on the veranda and pausing my hectic life.  As soon as the kids get back I will resume my usual duties, hopefully feeling more refreshed and less like a mom-zombie 

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