When the house fights back

Today the Fixer Upper threw another curve ball at us.  I have wondered why on earth there is always a huge puddle of water outside the back door.  I realised that the drain right outside the kitchen door was blocked, which means that every time I wash the dishes or do a load of laundry I basically flood the place. I am sure that the Fixer Upper hates us and just lulls us into a false sense of security before striking back

The Husbeast immediately rode to the rescue, pouring large amount of drain cleaner down the drain (pun intended).  It didn’t work.  He then attempted a daring unblocking mission using a hose pipe, head lamp, long stick and a spade.  It still didn’t work.  After swearing at it, the water level started dropping (at this point I was falling over with laughter).  I haven’t had the guts to attempt another load of dirty clothes. I will wait until the Husbeast does it himself, that way if it doesn’t work, it wasn’t my fault:)


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