Riana’s kitchen nightmares

As I stumbled  walked into my kitchen this morning I stepped into a puddle.  Now in a normal household the puppy would be scolded and the offending puddle would be cleaned up.  In my house the freezer towel gets dragged closer with one foot and the puddle mopped up while making the coffee.   Yep, I have a freezer towel that lives on the floor in the kitchen.


In a nutshell, when we first got married my grandmother gave us her old fridge.  It was positively ancient and most probably caused the hole in the ozone layer.  We promised ourselves that we would replace it soon.  A year later we were given another second-hand fridge/freezer.  Needless to say I was not very impressed as I wanted a shiny new one.  The Husbeast promised me that it was only temporary and that we would replace it soon.  Its been 6 years.  The fridge is constantly frozen, any veggies or liquids in the fridge freeze within days.  The freezer is always defrosting for no reason, hence the freezer towel.  The freezer actually forms so much ice that it pops the door open, defrosting the whole thing.  I can hear that door pop even in my sleep. I once had to cook 7 packs of bacon because the freezer had defrosted while I was at work.  I love bacon:)


Do not even get me started on the stove! When we bought our house we bought the stove as well.  We were promised that it was in prime working condition.  Notice a theme here?  Only the freaken grill works! If you want to use the stove  you have to pre-heat  the plates for at least an hour and then add an hour’s cooking time on as well (for some or other reason the plates do not conduct heat very well).  When did I discover that the oven was not working? On Christmas Eve while I was trying to cook a 3 course meal for my family (all 10 of us).  Great stuff.   Thank goodness for my electric casserole dish, electric wok and slow cooker!  Needless to say we eat a lot of soup, stew and stirfry.  And tuna sandwiches cause I LOVE tuna sandwiches.


Thank goodness no one in this house is a fussy eater! Otherwise they would most probably starve to death waiting for the oven to heat up.

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