Being a rugby widow

It was the first game of The Husbeast’s rugby season tonight (and his 5/6 “last season”).  I am not a huge fan of rugby simply because I have the attention span of a fruit fly, I cannot sit still for nearly 90 minutes.  The kids thoroughly enjoy going to watch their dad play.  They love running around next to the field, trying to identify The Husbeast  on the field, watching the other kids and of course, eating junk food (it was cold so they got hot chocolate tonight).  I get to watch a few minutes of the game, the rest of the time I’m changing nappies, traipsing off to the loo with the Princess, breaking up world war 279… you get the picture.  All in all it was a good first game, I survived without losing my marbles, the kids are both still intact and The Husbeast didn’t receive any debilitating injuries.  Yay us! Now we just have to keep our winning streak going for the rest of the season.



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